Many homeowners dislike cleaning. But tidying up your space doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are plenty of smart and practical tips you can use to make cleaning easier and faster. Here are a few helpful housecleaning tricks that will help you save time and effort.

Helpful Tips for Cleaning the Kitchen

To clean your microwave without chemical-laden products, pour water into a microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup. Slice a fresh lemon into small pieces and squeeze the juice into the water. Microwave the water for 2-3 minutes until steam forms on the inside walls of your appliance. Then, wipe the microwave clean with a sponge. This simple cleaning trick will leave your microwave fresh and clean.

Keep your refrigerator clean by covering each shelf with plastic wrap or wax paper. You can easily clean the shelves when spills occur by removing the plastic and replacing it with a new sheet.

To prevent unpleasant odors in the fridge, use baking soda, fresh coffee grounds, activated charcoal, or any other common deodorizer. Keep a small bowl of baking soda on a shelf in the fridge and change it weekly. 

Housecleaning Tricks for the Bathroom

Make sure the bathroom is well-ventilated to prevent moisture issues that could lead to mold and mildew growth. Keep the window open whenever you’re cleaning, and turn on your exhaust fan for 30 minutes after a hot shower or bath.

Remove hard water stains with a solution of water and vinegar. Wash towels and bathmats using hot water to kill bacteria. If there are spots on your bathroom mirror, remove them by applying small drops of undiluted rubbing alcohol onto a cotton pad and dabbing it on the affected area.

Tidy the Bedroom with These Housecleaning Tricks

Wash your bed sheets, pillowcases, and curtains weekly. When choosing pillow covers or curtains to buy, opt for fabrics that are easy to clean in the washing machine.

Remove allergens by vacuuming and dusting every two to three days. You may have to do this more frequently if you have household pets or a family member with respiratory problems. To freshen the mattress, remove the sheets and sprinkle it with baking soda. Allow the baking soda to sit for about an hour, and vacuum the mattress to remove the powder. 

Tips for Cleaning the Living Room

To clean the living area, start by decluttering. Remove items that don’t belong and return them to their proper locations. Vacuum the carpet and rugs to remove allergens. For hard flooring, use a broom to sweep up large particles and then mop using a cleaning product safe for your floors.

If you have art or framed photographs in your living room, dust them regularly to keep them clean. Don’t spray water or glass cleaner onto the frames, as the liquid can seep behind the glass and damage the artwork. Use a damp cloth to wipe the frames if deep cleaning is necessary.

Cleaning your home will be much easier with these tips and tricks. Focus on cleaning one room at a time to make the process less stressful and more enjoyable.

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